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Written by Simon on November 23rd, 2009

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122 Comments at "Buy Griseofulvin Without Prescription"

Andy November 24th, 2009 (#)

ha first comment its awsome

Ryun November 24th, 2009 (#)

Dang, I could’ve been the 1st place.

Vinny November 24th, 2009 (#)

AWSOME! I totally love the action in this one. The bloody swordkills were awsome.

Joi_BASSi! November 24th, 2009 (#)

why are they fighting?
no not realy i’m kidding, it’s awesome

AK Cory November 24th, 2009 (#)


DUBIO November 25th, 2009 (#)


AznMadness42 November 25th, 2009 (#)

Awesome. BLAM!

pravus November 25th, 2009 (#)

they just pulled a sopranos kinda at the end there

闇人 加奈江 (Yamibito Kanae) November 26th, 2009 (#)

Wow, that was absolutely awesome! Can’t wait for the next one.

Bobby lemon November 26th, 2009 (#)

10nth comment!!!!!!! i loved it!!!

sean glover November 26th, 2009 (#)

awsome! but this website dosent talk bout madness combat anymore :(

RONIC November 27th, 2009 (#)


mc10 November 30th, 2009 (#)

when’s mc10 coming?

Anhtuan Potthoff November 30th, 2009 (#)

What happened to Hank?
I like that guy!

Crackbone December 1st, 2009 (#)

hi guys im back and no one has talked about Tricky!!!!!!

im not saying hes back but its good to see him standing on his stupid shoes

abc123 December 2nd, 2009 (#)

those two characters were sanford, the guy smokes alot and diemos, the guy who wore a bandana in the middle part of the story

sean glover December 2nd, 2009 (#)

i have spoken to krinkels!!!!
he says in the next 6 months a new video will come out i dont think i can say what be he is making 2 at the same time so be patiant

vittuilija December 3rd, 2009 (#)

fucking shit this is so shit. i can do better really and its 3d so fuck you.FUCK YOU

sean glover December 4th, 2009 (#)

fuck you, if you think you can do madness than your a dick. madness in 3d sounds crap.

jonathan December 4th, 2009 (#)

OMFG!! the best madness movie i ever wathced!!

闇人 加奈江 (Yamibito Kanae) December 4th, 2009 (#)

Oh, please Vittuilija. Mr.Krinkels has more talent, than your pea-size brain has. Madness Combat 5.5 was done perfect like the other Madness Combat series, and yes, Hank made Madness as it is, – fucking awesome. You don’t like the fact Mr.Krinkels has real talent, where you toe-sized dick has no talent. Besure to look under your bed, Vitt, Tricky will be waiting to get you.

Madnessfreak December 5th, 2009 (#)

if u dont like this YOU SUCK MAN!! ITS THE BEST!!

Anhtuan Potthoff December 5th, 2009 (#)

Really Hank is AWSOME but who was bringing Hank back to life???

Huntermeign December 5th, 2009 (#)

This is clearly a side story showing the events that happened to Sanford and Deimos (The main characters in MC9) starting with what happened between madness 5 and 6. During this time Hank had been decapitated by Tricky and will not be brought back until MC6 (I’m only assuming it was Tricky that brought him back since He brought him back to life in a similar matter duing MC6). From what i’ve looked into at this point in the story line, Tricky is having to much fun fighting Hank to let him die so he brought him back in both MC6 and MC7 to continue their battle. So to answere all questions in a nutshell, this IS Sanford and Deimos from MC9 and the reason as to why Hank is not there is because he is curently dead during the timeline of this movie. Tricky clearly brings hank to life after the trainwreck scene in MC6 so its assuming that Tricky revived him in the beginning since a) he didn’t become a Zombie (Since Jebus also had his head cut off) and b) His appearance didn’t change like it did in MC9 when Deimos brought him back to life. There is a method to Krinkels Madness

master December 6th, 2009 (#)

espero que sigan haciendo videos sobre madness combat, tambien que sean como todos los demas higual de accion y bakan……..

sean glover December 7th, 2009 (#)

the new thing he is making is 6.5 and madness 10 at the same time!!!
he said in about 6 mounths it will be out

XD December 9th, 2009 (#)

after 10 months, I got a Blue Screen Of Death. :(
and madness 5.5 are awesome, tell me, what happened to sanford and deimos after that agent shoot them!
I hope to appear a kind of madness 5.7, to see what happened to them!

David December 9th, 2009 (#)

nice i l0ove it is is nice to show Hanks Buddies side of what happens

SLITHERS December 9th, 2009 (#)

The agent that fired upon Sanford and Deimos was an A.T.P (Accelerated Training Program) Agent. This is supposed to be the first encounter with the A.A.H.W Elite. It should also be noted that the A.T.P Agent WAS CARRYING THE SAME PISTOL Sanford used in Madness Combat 9. Just be this you can already tell that the A.T.P Agent was killed and Sanford scavenged the pistol.

SLITHERS December 9th, 2009 (#)

You know you guys should really pause the movie and zoom in on the posters. They give a lot of information that helps you to better understand the story. For instance, 1 poster in this series has stated that there will be a mall opening soon! Of course this might just be a cameo but it can still help you predict the next episode.

sean glover December 10th, 2009 (#)

they didn’t get shot

SLITHERS December 10th, 2009 (#)

But you can safely assume that they did since they were unarmed and caught by surprise. Plus, they had extra bandages around their chest and waist in Madness Combat 9.

wiki tiki December 11th, 2009 (#)

fuck i need a condem

伊布 December 13th, 2009 (#)


allanaaaaxzas December 14th, 2009 (#)

y la segunda parte

Logannnnn:D December 16th, 2009 (#)

omg! those were the people that saved Hank after he got killed fromt he clown!! omggg! :D

GuiltySpark December 17th, 2009 (#)

I don’t know who’s better: Sanford or Diemos. I mean, Sanford is a kick-ass kill ‘em all till their dead kinda guy, but Diemos is a techie, and responsible for bringing Hank back. And he dies *sniff*. Any other opinions?

kaleb December 17th, 2009 (#)

this is cool? but is gust fucing copy cat gust like the secint on and the clown dosent look like that fuck

Fuc in da Az December 18th, 2009 (#)

Just awesome work man!
I like Diemos more than Sanford, don’t know why….
It’s a great Story… I can’t say more.

HappyLee December 18th, 2009 (#)

Coooooooooooooooool! Nice work!

By the way, what does “5.5″ means anyway? And who are those 2 people? It makes no sense to me.

Lemon Lad December 22nd, 2009 (#)

ok lets get things straight. This is about what happens between 5 and 6. if you watch 5, at the end you see two people drive up and give hank a sword and then a house lands on them. These two people are sanford and deimos. deimos is the one who smokes and sanford is the one who has a bandanna. you can see the picture of them at and click on drawing. they are the ones in madness combat 9. this is just the story of what happened to them before any of that happened. its not that hard to understand if you watch all of them in order and then 5.5. oh and im really mad that deimos dies in madness combat 9 and i really hope that he gets revived.

SLITHERS December 23rd, 2009 (#)

Dude, in a way he is being revived. He’s still going to be in Madness Combat 6.5. Besides, he HAD to die. It was just these 2 men against impossible odds. 1 of them had to give in sometime. And it just happend to be Deimos when he was killed by that enhanced ATP Agent in MC9. Also, thing of it this way; Deimos did not die in vain; By reviving Hank, he managed to save Sanford’s life because after Deimos was killed by the enhanced ATP Agent, the ATP Agent saw Hank come out of the Magnification Chamber and got scared. So, he went to go find the other ATP Agent (whom was extremely close to killing Sanford) and told him that they should go regroup outside so that they wouldn’t be flanked by Hank.

akie23 December 24th, 2009 (#)

the 2 guys were sandford and deimos. i hope deimos will be revived…………….or not :)

akie23 December 24th, 2009 (#)

the 2 guys were sandford and deimos. i hope deimos will be revived…………….or not :) ^_^

Lemon LAd December 25th, 2009 (#)

What i was hopeing was that since deimos revived hank, hank will feel bad that he died and will revive him, or since sandford and deimos are really close, sandford will revive him. But i wouldnt say they were against impossible odds since hank does this sort of thing all the time but maybe youre right. Anyways i think this is my favorite one and im so psyched on 6.5 and 10 and im wondering if krinkles is also going to do 7.5 and 8.5.

SLITHERS December 26th, 2009 (#)

I’m going to be very dissappionted if The Auditor dies in Madness Combat 10. Like dude, this guy CANT die. He controls The Victims and the Improbability Drive. Without these, there is no madness. Everything would be all peacefull and happy and nonviolent and a flowing river of chocolate near a gumdrop forest inhabited by cute woodland creatures. If it werent for The Auditor, chances are all the protoganists would be gay…

ryan December 26th, 2009 (#)

that was awsome

hank December 26th, 2009 (#)

ya i almost owned clouwn

jean150 December 28th, 2009 (#)

lol need madness combat 10

Sirlollipop December 29th, 2009 (#)

This is Really good when comes madness combat 10?

hank December 30th, 2009 (#)

well madness 10 u can look at on stickpage

hank December 30th, 2009 (#)

and by the way iam the real hank

hank December 30th, 2009 (#)

right ryan

ryan December 30th, 2009 (#)


尼古拉斯 December 31st, 2009 (#)


hank December 31st, 2009 (#)


remix December 31st, 2009 (#)

are those they guys off of madness 9???

hank January 1st, 2010 (#)

yes iam

ryan January 1st, 2010 (#)

iam not but iam his fan of all madness combat

nick January 3rd, 2010 (#)

its hard as shit trying to animate madness combat,i got the i gotta hand it to krinkels that hes really good at it. great movay.

Noah Murphy January 3rd, 2010 (#)

I am making a madness thing too its called Team Unexpected:The Movie

myp2p January 6th, 2010 (#)

AWSOME!! прикольно

myp2p January 6th, 2010 (#)

why in the game no sound, nothing else? in the downloaded game! I’m talking about the original

Crazycerain January 6th, 2010 (#)

Guys look! at the end, right before the guy shoots sanford, look at his gun! That is the same gun that Sanford uses in MC9! GREAT VIDEO

ArbiterX13 January 10th, 2010 (#)

It’s so awesome that you did this! Deimos and Sanford were awesome in Madness Combat 9, and I was hoping to see more of them. I hope that Sanford or Hank finds some way to revive Deimos. All three of those guys are awesome. I can’t wait for MC 6.5 and 10. I wish that I had half the animating skills as you. Freakin AMAZING!

hank January 14th, 2010 (#)

ur making the madness combat here or newgrounds

Black eyes pig January 22nd, 2010 (#)

When a Part 10? Or, first-out 6.5? Or?

the stickfigure January 28th, 2010 (#)

this is the best one i have seen by the way maximum ninja and madness combat are the best ones on the internet

the stickfigure January 28th, 2010 (#)

ive met (crazy jay) before.hes the creator of

edwin January 30th, 2010 (#)

i’ve been dieing for this!i heard it’s gonna come out on this day

Jeffrey Carter February 5th, 2010 (#)

Hey wat happend to using peoples heads as weapons?(ripping peoples heads off)

fauzan February 6th, 2010 (#)

thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss colllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

teh roblox lova February 6th, 2010 (#)


牛牛 February 10th, 2010 (#)


goldenpride February 25th, 2010 (#)

ive seen this b4

terry22 February 27th, 2010 (#)

If you need help understanding the madness thing right click and zoom-in on the writing on the walls and the other stuff

awsome ab March 4th, 2010 (#)

f***in awsome man hellagood man make more man come on come on pat 5.6 yea agreed with me just coment me awsome ab ok peace plz

12312 March 23rd, 2010 (#)


jake brattah March 25th, 2010 (#)

awesome – kind of copyed off of MW2 i saw a vector MP5K FAMAS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jake brattah March 25th, 2010 (#)

im 10th prestige on mw2

exodus_killa-1 March 27th, 2010 (#)

ooh vector, awesome short-ranged weapon

expul March 31st, 2010 (#)


spencer April 2nd, 2010 (#)

awesome!!! iluv it!! you guys r really cool!!!!

seancglover April 5th, 2010 (#)

madness 6.5 is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

franco April 9th, 2010 (#)

es lo mejor que juge en mi bidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajajajajajaja

BENJAMIN April 9th, 2010 (#)


BENJAMIN April 9th, 2010 (#)


BENJAMIN April 9th, 2010 (#)


LALZMAN April 12th, 2010 (#)

Tricky is back ;D

Dodo April 17th, 2010 (#)

That was freakin awisome

KcThrows April 20th, 2010 (#)

By far the best video I saw so far! I actually just got a new program. I wanna try making a video like this. I’m jealous :P Best I did was make one on powerpoint….haha…

anyway, blog about the site I used to get the program to start making them. Now just to get a book for free about “how” to do it… /sigh

none of ur biz April 21st, 2010 (#)

some ghetto shit awesome :D

... May 17th, 2010 (#)

I knew it was the 2 dudes right when they got outa the car lol, so the entire video i was wondering, When is this dude gonna get capped in the chest?!?!

sniper June 3rd, 2010 (#)

this is cooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sniper June 3rd, 2010 (#)

madness combat is the best game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the computer or laptop u can play on i enjoy the killing and stuff

sniper June 3rd, 2010 (#)

madness combat is the best game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the computer or laptop u can play on i enjoy the killing and stuff best game ever

sniper June 3rd, 2010 (#)

and im 8th prestige in mw2 :)

Luc June 17th, 2010 (#)

this is so fucking annoying!!! help plz

King Chaos June 23rd, 2010 (#)

guys, its the 2 guys from madness 9, hanks not in this one becuz its the one before tricky turns into ghost, the train tricky comes out of the tunnel with is the same one in madness 6, where hank slaughters people inside the train, then ahnk has to run for dear undead life, to kill tricky and end his treachery, i hpe this cleared up some confusion about hank not being in this one, and btw

King Chaos June 23rd, 2010 (#)

i hope this clears up some confusion, this one is the story behind the mission of the 2 guys from mc9, hank isnt in this one becuz he was killed when he fought tricky in mc5, hence mc 5.5, the train tricky rides on is the same one in mc6, where hank fights tooth and nail to get to tricky who’s operating the engine this all happens before tricky turns into a ghost

That commenter guy July 7th, 2010 (#)

One thing i find quite anoying, and dont get me wrong i love mc, is that hank and these two guys, there names escape me, are never near any victems with guns when they dont have guns, there is the odd time but the gunner victem is always…..well, lest just say he is more a noob then the other victems. Also, 5.6 aint playing for me, anyone else get that little ex simbol in the top left hand corrner?

enzo August 8th, 2010 (#)

esta padre sigan asiendo mas resurrecsiones delos personasjes y que sigan matandose

BAWDOSO09 September 29th, 2010 (#)

How is the song at the train and 2nd house called plz som1 tell me

franKceas October 10th, 2010 (#)

Dude when mc10 is gonna go up????? I want to see .. FUcked up

thanasaras October 15th, 2010 (#)

guys tell me how to download madness next gen mod please
because i cant download it from here!!!!

JJ Glock 8 November 2nd, 2010 (#)

at the begging u cant tell whos deimos and whos sandford

edgar November 14th, 2010 (#)


edgar November 14th, 2010 (#)

piqenslo guyes pitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

metherat November 20th, 2010 (#)

This was awesome! But if you are reading this now, Krinkels, you better get back to making m.c. 10!!! WHy si sit taking so long!

p.s.: If you visit my blog, I gave you the adress of the blog I do for middle school homework, I just don’t have any other blogs or websites. YES, IM ONLY 12 YEARS OLD, BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN I CAN’T ENJOY MADNESS COMBAT!!!

adam hranac January 25th, 2011 (#)

madness is awesome!!!!!!!!! p.s. if you dont like madness YOU SUCK!!!

adam hranac January 25th, 2011 (#)

madness is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deathwalker February 14th, 2011 (#)

you can wacth madness combat series in

артём March 5th, 2011 (#)

ваще класс

汉克 March 12th, 2011 (#)


tÜvem April 9th, 2011 (#)

gerems thankl ploñis danb

l April 10th, 2011 (#)

l played this

dzzzz September 14th, 2011 (#)

yang bikin kayak ASU

max November 2nd, 2011 (#)

i like madness combat i like the part 9 when sanfoed and hank kill auditor

TacoTheBulbasaur December 26th, 2011 (#)

Do those guys have names or what

sanford December 28th, 2011 (#)

the guys in madness combat manes is the sherif jesus hank sanford deimos auditor l33t 1337 big dude 999 this guy in madness combat 7.5

Hank J. Wimbleton May 4th, 2012 (#)

Awesome, and by the way, i am THE Hank.

dfsafs June 12th, 2012 (#)


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