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Written by Simon on April 29th, 2010

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39 Comments at "Buy Iressa Without Prescription"

Andyrules April 30th, 2010 (#)

Great video :D

P.S: First ^^

KILLJOY34 April 30th, 2010 (#)

NICE hope madness 10 comes out

Shadow878 May 8th, 2010 (#)

Awesome video, all of your videos are awesome! I am waiting for next vids! :D

Ken Nguyen May 11th, 2010 (#)

3rd comment awesome

Lord Pariah May 13th, 2010 (#)

Knock it off! Great stuff!

EPICLY MADNESS May 20th, 2010 (#)

Why now there’s no DL link for the newly produced Madness Combats nowadays???

EPICLY MADNESS May 20th, 2010 (#)

Awesome action and two protagonists FTW

urbest fan May 25th, 2010 (#)

WOW, i love it i like it when in he throws up the “man”using a cane AND KILLS THE TWO GUARDS. IN THE 5.5 VIDEO =P. GREAT STUFF MAN, HOPE THE 10NTH VID COMES OUT.!!!!!

xxxxx May 27th, 2010 (#)

omg! one of the ebst madness combats pure awsomness!!!

Хули June 4th, 2010 (#)

Ждём 10

xxxxxxxxxxxxx June 16th, 2010 (#)

Very good but the best is madness cpombat 9

tyrtduu June 21st, 2010 (#)

right near the start there is a knife that looks just like the bowie knife from cod5 zombies der riese

Your mom July 3rd, 2010 (#)

This shit fucking sucks, and is only watched by lifeless hopeless people. I mean COME ON, WTF IS THIS.

EPICLYMADNESS July 4th, 2010 (#)

I’m 100% pure sure that krinkels had already begun his Madness Combat 10 project… SOOOOoooooooooo Long… *0*

yo anonimo July 8th, 2010 (#)

este juegos esta sarpado

Stalker13 July 18th, 2010 (#)

Ждём продолжения! 7.5!

jerair1233 July 24th, 2010 (#)

dosent work its all black UGH I KNOW ITS EPIC ME AND MY COSON WANT 2 WATCH IT BADLY!!!!!!!!

Demian August 2nd, 2010 (#)

@yo anonimo es una animacion no juego aunque hay juegos del madness combat…

The mom of your mom August 13th, 2010 (#)

dumb, if you dont like it, why you watch it

WTFowns! October 2nd, 2010 (#)

I hope ure goin to make it quickly, cuz if ure pretendin to make all movies (5.5 to 9.5) it`s going to take a good time… and i wanna see 10.

Still awesome dude… keep going like this.

For u and for MC6.5 … just a 10 can show my satisfaction.

JJ Glock 8 November 2nd, 2010 (#)

i keep belive he dies in madness combat 9

omg November 9th, 2010 (#)

omg cool and nice nice nice!!

hyoho November 14th, 2010 (#)

who are the protagonist.
i am guessing one of them should be hank

Desify November 21st, 2010 (#)

Holy crap this is awesome. It totaly makes sence now because I had no idea who the f was those guys in combat 9 but now I know who they are, the people who gave Hank that sword in combat 10. Wow its is amazing how they all started as normal people and turned into… Something like a killing machine or a terminator

EPICLY MADNESS November 23rd, 2010 (#)

I agree what the guy above me ^^^^^^^^ was saying

Justek November 26th, 2010 (#)

Cool! i loved it! waiting for madness combat 10 ;)

diogo December 9th, 2010 (#)

e emosionante eo melhor jogo eo madeness retaliation

hank3000 January 9th, 2011 (#)

BUENISIMO LOS MATAN A TIROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hank3000 January 9th, 2011 (#)


артём March 9th, 2011 (#)

я тоже

erepe April 5th, 2011 (#)


erepe April 5th, 2011 (#)

esta bueno la animacion

jake November 18th, 2011 (#)

stupid vedio i hate krinkils and every one and madness combat

angelo November 27th, 2011 (#)

go on newgrounds they hav madness 10 its ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

angelo November 27th, 2011 (#)

go on movies

angelo November 27th, 2011 (#)

white clown awsome.

angelo December 10th, 2011 (#)

f*** you your mom guy

darknight1665 March 22nd, 2012 (#)

For all haters of madness combat: Why do you post hate comments on this? if you don’t like it, don’t comment on it, especially if it’s popular. you’re just going to make alot of us angry.

angelo May 17th, 2012 (#)

krinkel is dead the guy that make madness combat he dead in a car accident

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