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Written by Simon on September 29th, 2008

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109 Comments at "Buy Estazolam Without Prescription"

Darth dumbass September 29th, 2008 (#)


First comment !!!

Darth dumbass September 29th, 2008 (#)


can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Darth dumbass September 29th, 2008 (#)

oops i meant 2nd comment

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

I wish it already happened!!!!!!!!

Raynord September 30th, 2008 (#)

COOLEST KILLING MADNESS ANIMATIONS ARE XIONIC MADNESS AND MC SERIES!!!!! LOSER is DEAD FOREVER!!! HURRAY!!! Sucker LOSER. I watched this preview upteen times already.. getting bored. I’m outta here!!! Cheers! ;) !

someone September 30th, 2008 (#)


but now are both the clown and jebus dead and who’re the new dudes?!?!?!?!?


LOSER September 30th, 2008 (#)


Shadow September 30th, 2008 (#)

Fucking awesome, trailer! Can’t wait for MC 9! Madness Combat Forever!

anthony q September 30th, 2008 (#)

wow…. I thought #8 was the end but…. I WAS WRONG!!!!! AND I AM GLAD!!!!!

LOSER September 30th, 2008 (#)



LOSER September 30th, 2008 (#)

Shit! I meant U ARE A FAGGOT!! SHIT!

LOSER September 30th, 2008 (#)


Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

Happy madness day everybody!!!!!

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

Hey,above the preview says “We’re so close” wish it was closer!!!!

Raynord October 1st, 2008 (#)

you are not really LOSER. Sucker.

XD October 1st, 2008 (#)

Hey! Why the auditor put that think of jebus(100% killed) in his head???!!!

X33TWarlord October 1st, 2008 (#)

That was a halo, and he grabbed it to gain his powers.

Insane Clown October 1st, 2008 (#)

looks fuckin wild man lol AWESOME !! :D

Diegox October 1st, 2008 (#)

XD, isn’t that obvius?To get that superawesome powers

Koirakeko October 2nd, 2008 (#)

If you look hard enough you can read “HANK WILL RETURN”

Jake October 2nd, 2008 (#)

Hey is Hank gone for good now?
Cause seriously that just kills it for me

aNIALLator October 2nd, 2008 (#)

No I don’t think so. Sanford and Diemos look like there trying to help Hank. In one pic they were defending Hank’s body from the ATP and 133t agents.

moprix October 2nd, 2008 (#)


King Chaos October 3rd, 2008 (#)

i havent and i wont watch it cuase i dont want to spoil it :D so please, finish mc9 so i dont have to wait, but no rush or hurry

juvenal October 3rd, 2008 (#)

hank didn´t dead

Madnessfan007 October 3rd, 2008 (#)


nike October 3rd, 2008 (#)

wow this is so cool. Sanford and Deimos are killing everyone . The black fire guy gets Jesus thing . I cant wait

dark 778 October 4th, 2008 (#)

Sanford and Deimos are gonna kick some ass but there should be a MAG AGENT V3. right? ‘-’

lal234 October 4th, 2008 (#)

I love Madness combat!! Happy Madness Day~!!!

OMG EVERYONE October 4th, 2008 (#)

I know what happens! Hank comes back as part cyborg! god!

Im 9 years old and I love madness!


OMG EVERYONE October 4th, 2008 (#)

Its true!

OMG EVERYONE October 4th, 2008 (#)

Im bored.

OMG EVERYONE October 4th, 2008 (#)


lal234 October 4th, 2008 (#)

Hurry!!I’m so Happy hahaha.I love Madness combat9.Hank please come back!!hahaha.

lal234 October 4th, 2008 (#)


lal234 October 4th, 2008 (#)

I like krinkles

AznMadness42 October 4th, 2008 (#)

I love this!!! I wants MC9! Please get it up ASAP! What song is this?

AznMadness42 October 4th, 2008 (#)

This will be EPIC!

aNIALLator October 5th, 2008 (#)

“OMG EVERYONE” is only nine?

Diegox October 5th, 2008 (#)

Hey OMG, get outta here you lil boy¡¡¡¡. You can’t watch those things, or i tell your mama that you masturbate in the nights¡¡¡

juvenal October 6th, 2008 (#)

poor jebus!!

Diegox October 6th, 2008 (#)

the same i say

matthew October 6th, 2008 (#)

gogogo!!!! i cant wait

matthew October 6th, 2008 (#)

i love this movie

MADNESS MAN October 7th, 2008 (#)

heheh yup… i talk to krinkels sometimes and man he is getting tired of working on it… he is more than 3/4 and a 1/2 done so get ready!!!

[...] Also, make sure you’ve seen the Madness Combat 9 Preview. [...]

madness"_" October 9th, 2008 (#)

wow then that’s good xd !!!!!!!!!!!!!

hank October 9th, 2008 (#)


anthony q October 10th, 2008 (#)

bout time

brady October 12th, 2008 (#)

i like that awsomekill it was like awsome

zzzyxas October 15th, 2008 (#)


killer21197 October 27th, 2008 (#)

which 1 sanford and which 1 deimos?

HARGL October 27th, 2008 (#)


schok October 29th, 2008 (#)

Madness combat is the best flash animation ever and i wait the nine.
And if you want to watch these video,dont say your age!

Crazy111 October 30th, 2008 (#)

HOLY CRAP!!! I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!!! AMAZING! you know those two guys who handed hank the sword and then drove off freaked out! THOSE TWO MUST BE SANDFORD AND DIEMOS!!!!!$!@#~!#

Crazy111 October 30th, 2008 (#)

HOLY CRAP!!! I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!!! AMAZING! you know those two guys who handed hank the sword and then drove off freaked out! THOSE TWO MUST BE SANDFORD AND DIEMOS!

Crazy111 October 30th, 2008 (#)

sorry about the double post there!

christopher November 1st, 2008 (#)

ya!!!!!!!!!! hanks going to retern ya but what hppened to jebus in that show i saw jubuss scelloton

timothy November 2nd, 2008 (#)

dude krinkles your series is the best ive seen hope you open madness combat 9 soon!!!!! i can w8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c u latr

christopher November 11th, 2008 (#)

hey the one thing that realy bums me out is what started to make hank wana kill the sheruf??? why can,t hank,jubus and tricky team up!! agenst auditor??? maybe he,s just a snot nose black peace of !@@#$%^&&***)&^%*&**&&*(&^^$!!!!!!!!!!!%%%^&*(*T^&^^%^%$%$%$**%%%%%^^^%^^%^^^^%^%^%%^%^%^%%^^%%#$#####%%&^*(*(_)*^^! and thats what i think of you dum shit!!!!

christopher November 11th, 2008 (#)

hey wait wasen,t tricky and jubuse on the same team when the sheruf was alive???

Auditor November 15th, 2008 (#)

Ummmm….I think so….Yeah

Auditor November 15th, 2008 (#)

Wow…..the halo the auditor took from jubus really matches his body color when it turns white…

christopher November 16th, 2008 (#)

i saw a nose one one of them is it diemos or sandford

christopher November 16th, 2008 (#)

what i thoute trick and jubus was on the same side+i know why hank got mad at sheruff because he didnt give hank any pie

jackass November 16th, 2008 (#)

im gay

jackass November 16th, 2008 (#)

who are you???

jackass November 16th, 2008 (#)

i wonder what hanks gonig to look like i think he,s gona be pissed

Auditor November 23rd, 2008 (#)

Christopher, the guy with the nose is deimos. No doubt u are a jackass, jackass lol. Hey wait, at the end of the preview, before it says hank will return, there was a building with blue lights in it, looks like a party, and i remembered that tricky got jebus’s powers in the mc 6, could tricky be in there????

Auditor November 23rd, 2008 (#)

Also, when the bad guys in the truck are shooting that car, there ain’t nobody in there….am I blind???

The Bob November 27th, 2008 (#)

Deimos is such a badass. Does anyone have any idea on a release date for MC9?

sankrink November 28th, 2008 (#)

i agree with the bob deimos is great and all but what about sanford? the person said hes getting e-mails from kinkles and said he be done by christmas

Auditor November 29th, 2008 (#)

About sanford…he looks sort of Gaz from COD 4 if you have played the the game, and yes, he will be done BY christmas.

PS: COD = Call Of Duty

Auditor November 30th, 2008 (#)

Oh.. I get it, there’s nobody in the car when the bad guys are shooting them because they are taking cover -_-.

Auditor December 6th, 2008 (#)

Come on…post people! Am I the only guy left on Earth?????

drewstar December 19th, 2008 (#)

the new guys are sanford and demios

drewstar December 19th, 2008 (#)

sanford is the one with the gun and diemos is the one with the hook and the weird face

Auditor December 19th, 2008 (#)

Correct and correct, (deimos doesn’t have a weird face though…it’s just a nose lol)

I AM HANK December 21st, 2008 (#)

This is goin 2 b awesome i love madness combat i hope thers a number ten after this 1 i cant wait

Auditor December 22nd, 2008 (#)

According to krinkels’s updates (no 1 relly knows bout that) i get the feeling that MC9 will come out in 3 days, thats my guess.

terry22 January 17th, 2009 (#)

nobody has a nose except for deimos.

I´am Hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 20th, 2009 (#)

Hank will return: ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I´am Hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 20th, 2009 (#)

HANK will return:¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i´m a madness lover and i con wait

i hope that it will be VIOLENT, VIOLENT, and… ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIOLENT!!!!!!!!

jonny794 February 2nd, 2009 (#)

omg thats good quality

emil987654321 February 11th, 2009 (#)

prety cool

Eric February 11th, 2009 (#)

they should allow us to do that in the game!

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

for me sanford and diemos are hank ¡, like hank returned in 2 parts

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

answer me, i want to know!!!!!!!!

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

i am getting so, so crazy!!!!

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

when are you going to publish mc9???
anwer me to

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

where are from sanford and diemos???

Gianfranco February 16th, 2009 (#)

i think i was wrong about sandford and diemos are hank but answer me!!!!


Breivogel February 17th, 2009 (#)

Aren’t Sanford and Deimos from MC5?

Gianfranco February 20th, 2009 (#)

i think so…

Krinkles February 22nd, 2009 (#)



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yamumsablenda March 18th, 2009 (#)

looks pretty cool id see it

yamumsablenda March 18th, 2009 (#)

this is a comment to eric i recon that we could do it in the game too’

yamumsablenda March 18th, 2009 (#)

madness 9 is finally out wooohooo

KyouKoi April 17th, 2009 (#)

ei isto e bue fixe eu vi os todos eu nao perko um nem eu nem os meus amigos a minha personagem favorita e o protagonista

this is very cool me and my dont lost un single episode of madness combat my favorite person in madness combat is the i dont no who to sai in inglis

elliot April 21st, 2009 (#)

i seen this on

Ping May 15th, 2009 (#)

Hurry it up

Hank August 3rd, 2009 (#)

woah i cant believe what will happen to frank with his other hand it looks like an octopus’s hand

MadDa!!!! September 17th, 2010 (#)

Guys i hope madness 10 will appear 2 :D

Death walker February 14th, 2011 (#)

awesome trailer

sanford November 3rd, 2011 (#)

yes it is awesome death walker did you enjoy l33t that have yellow blood

acejack November 6th, 2011 (#)

dont put alot of commets guys i cant read 106 commets of yours -.-

henk May 6th, 2012 (#)

madnes combat je super!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

henk May 6th, 2012 (#)

zelim da udjem u istoriju maadnes combata

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