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Written by Simon on September 27th, 2008

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72 Comments at "Buy Norvasc (Amlodipine) Without Prescription"

Shadow September 27th, 2008 (#)

Pretty damn good, movie. 30/10.

Fabbs September 27th, 2008 (#)

oh my freaking god
this is amazing!

Laguz September 27th, 2008 (#)

Very intresting art style.

lukas el fanatico September 27th, 2008 (#)

funny movie , excelent! 1000000 of 5

LupineJak September 28th, 2008 (#)

Holy freaking god, it really is th best movie ive seen so far

Diegox September 28th, 2008 (#)

I see this movie like 5 times and stills surprising me¡

Kubyqees September 28th, 2008 (#)

Excelent movie!!! Best, what I see on madness day.

King Chaos September 28th, 2008 (#)

i really dont see what all the fuss is about, i like xionic madness better =\

scorpion September 28th, 2008 (#)

dont like it too much

Diegox September 28th, 2008 (#)

Well, everyone has opinions..

Seamus MacHenry September 28th, 2008 (#)

I can only think of one word to describe this movie: Epic.

Rommal September 29th, 2008 (#)

So many religious references so little time :D

-Jesus’s suffering
-Burning bush
- Stigmata
-crucifixion (duh ha-ha)
-Crown of thorns
-Destruction of the unholy city
-Dying for our sins
-Getting sent to hell as the price
-Its also showing that Satan was actually an angel so they aren’t that different.
-Also making a point how evil tends to hide behind others and in the end is weak

Rommal September 29th, 2008 (#)

Im not saying i didn’t love every moment :D EPIC TRULY EPIC(with a touch of blasphemy but that just adds flavor ha ha)

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

Hey,they all say that the song was for Psi Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy right,well I have tha PS2 game.:]

X33TWarlord September 30th, 2008 (#)

I loved it, be he fucked it up with the MC Hammer bullshit.

Raynord September 30th, 2008 (#)

The Auditor and Jebus were so ugly (and funny too!). Good movie though..

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

I thought they call him The Savior not Jebus.

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

…and Raynord its The Auiditor ok it has an “i” in it.

rex October 1st, 2008 (#)


X33TWarlord October 1st, 2008 (#)

Whut the hell is an Auiditor?!?

Rommal October 1st, 2008 (#)

I knew i saw that cross before. Its the Celtic cross ha ha was really bugging me.

Aaron October 1st, 2008 (#)

The Auiditor is the black guy on black fire Warlord.

Aaron October 1st, 2008 (#)

Celtic cross where did u hear that Rommal.

Aaron October 1st, 2008 (#)

Hey,anybody here play Runescape.

Mindchamber October 2nd, 2008 (#)

X33TWarlord says:
September 30th, 2008 at 6:24 am – Edit
I loved it, be he fucked it up with the MC Hammer bullshit.”

Lol, Thats why we pray bitches

X33TWarlord October 2nd, 2008 (#)

I know WHO the Auditor is, but whut is an AUIDITOR? Wit an “I”?

xxkingxx October 3rd, 2008 (#)

hey man where did u get that cold song i cant find it anywhere?

Ben October 3rd, 2008 (#)

A… tad… to emo for me..

As an asside… “Hey,anybody here play Runescape?”

hehehehohoho October 4th, 2008 (#)


aNIALLator October 5th, 2008 (#)

Isn’t “Laguz” part of the old crew?

christopher October 8th, 2008 (#)

best shit ever im going to list it

Darksigh October 9th, 2008 (#)

Excelent video
Why behind of the croos say:”property of united sinescompany”?

hank October 9th, 2008 (#)

got damn! if you think te auditor is yhe black guy with black hair on fire you are stupids it’s not an auditor it’s the demon freaks!!

madness October 13th, 2008 (#)

awesome 1,000,000/10
This better get first place in madness day 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

madness October 13th, 2008 (#)

awesome 1,000,000/10
This better get first place in madness day 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron October 13th, 2008 (#)

ey xxkingxx u can get that song from youtube

Hank October 20th, 2008 (#)

niiice it gets a 10000000/10 also, nice animation style very creative

CJJ October 21st, 2008 (#)

that was frikin awesome!!!. also y did the zombies run on all 4′s???

nicolas November 8th, 2008 (#)

buenisisimoooooooo e o yea siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

dave November 14th, 2008 (#)

that was frikin awesome!!!. also y did the zombies run on all 4’s???

does it matter? pure style.

and yeah, one of the best damn madness films out there.

alex November 18th, 2008 (#)

cool cool 99999999999999999999999999/100

indy November 18th, 2008 (#)

this isnt that good i like the series because the grafixs rule and it has alot of action,violence and alot of killing

maximum ninja is another good series about madness

Tricky117 November 18th, 2008 (#)

I kida like my minds with madness its just Hanks not in it

Tricky117 November 18th, 2008 (#)

Hank should have been in there because jebus vs the audier too much

Aaron November 20th, 2008 (#)

Hank shouldn’t be in here because he doesn’t have the powers Jebus has.

Chimmy chong November 22nd, 2008 (#)

can some one mail me the cold song. the link doesn’t work on my computer

christopher November 29th, 2008 (#)

when jubus put him self on the cross i saw the auditor smile

HANK ^_^ December 2nd, 2008 (#)


christopher December 2nd, 2008 (#)

your not the real hank are you HANK FAKER!

christopher December 2nd, 2008 (#)

oh and also go on youtube and search madness combat and find hanks famly you can see hank girlfreand heather but she looks just like hank exsepte her badegs are white.

OMGGAYHORSE!!!!! December 8th, 2008 (#)

OMFG !!!!!THIS MOVIE IS FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!!!!Nice tribute!!!!!
And the song was perfect with the movie(cold-with my mind,on youtube-youtube converter required)

BRANDON December 21st, 2008 (#)


terry22 January 18th, 2009 (#)


wiley6453 January 27th, 2009 (#)

good music i saw this movie 7 times in a row and didnt get bored

wiley6453 January 28th, 2009 (#)

wat is the song called

Eric February 11th, 2009 (#)

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT… WAS… AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! 10000000000000000000000000/2

Aaron February 12th, 2009 (#)

Hey the first part where Jebus coffed up blood was the part in mc 8 is where the auiditor used the computer and gave Jebus a diesiese because at the back of his head his hair was pointing out sharply like in mc 8.

Railear February 13th, 2009 (#)

What’s the song called?

Trevon March 21st, 2009 (#)

this is by far the best madness movie i have ever saw 2 thums up

madness fan March 21st, 2009 (#)

omg this is the best movie ever i could watch it over and over and over again i can see how krinkels likes it totally madness epic ownage with ten middle fingers up oh wait it was just frozen i just saw the same thing forever ha!hahahhah!!!!!!!!!!

Chaotic March 28th, 2009 (#)

This is one of the best madness movies I have ever seen. Better than all but the original series. The inclusion of religious references helped it too! Score: 20 out of 10

basher April 3rd, 2009 (#)

THE SONGS NAME IS ”WITH MY MIND” by cold, not in my mind

Aaron May 18th, 2009 (#)

Yeah he’s right.

ethan campbell May 30th, 2009 (#)


223 June 13th, 2009 (#)

wow its awesome;what song is that,it matched it perfectly

XTREME August 25th, 2009 (#)


Maximum Ninja August 26th, 2009 (#)

omg this is freakin awsome

lil legit November 24th, 2009 (#)

what is the song they were playin trew the movie called i luv it

Brownies November 27th, 2009 (#)

AWSOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cross says: Property of the united state of goverment…
wierd…yet cool

Spada February 15th, 2010 (#)

It is not very good.(I think…)

David October 22nd, 2010 (#)

Goddamn Amazing

Flame January 21st, 2011 (#)


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