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Written by Simon on September 22nd, 2008

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53 Comments at "Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription"

Raynord September 22nd, 2008 (#)

Cool.. Xero, Omega and Kary. I like Omega, he’s cool. FIRST COMMENT!!!

King Chaos September 23rd, 2008 (#)

2nd comment booyah! this my favorite knock-off of madness combat, i thought omega died in the end but the other guy died, xero my favorite, cuz he uses melee weapons and hes blue, and hes a ninja so he my favorite, no question about it :)

Diegox September 23rd, 2008 (#)

I liked Askad…Genious, great with explosives…..WHY HE DIED¡¡¡¡¡¡

Diegox September 23rd, 2008 (#)

Oh, and thid and 4th comments

scorpion September 23rd, 2008 (#)

this is the best animation ive seen. i like all of them i just couldt beilieve askad had to die!!

Raynord September 24th, 2008 (#)

Omega did not die, it was someone called DV who looks like Omega.

Raynord September 24th, 2008 (#)

I meant XV….

burner 778 September 24th, 2008 (#)

i like omega but u know why? because THERE R SO COOL GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

King Chaos September 24th, 2008 (#)

Raynord, i didnt say he did die, i said i thought he died, and diegox, i know askad was cool, he my second fav, but he died helping the other guys, remember that, and the reason he died is because those f-ing infected troops killed him!!!! thats why xero chopped them all to tiny bits!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Chaos September 24th, 2008 (#)

read some of the bios of the cyborgs (the main people) some of them r hilarious, my favorite is xeros dislikes, take a look at them, they r the funniest

King Chaos September 24th, 2008 (#)

ho and diegox, rememrb that askad actualy built kary by hand so she helps those guys and that is why askad had to die, So kary and xero and omega could finally destroy Bio Int!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Chaos September 24th, 2008 (#)

i meant oh when i said ho =Þ

Diegox September 24th, 2008 (#)

BUT WHY¡¡¡¡¡¡

hank September 24th, 2008 (#)

omega the best characther for xionic madness

King Chaos September 25th, 2008 (#)

Reread what i said, He died because those infected beings stbbed him through his body, and he thought he couldnt go on, so he detanated the bomb within himself! im sorry but he did what he did to save the other characters

Diegox September 25th, 2008 (#)

I know…..DAMN YOU XIONICO¡¡¡¡¡¡

King Chaos September 26th, 2008 (#)

damn, xv, he probly infected the troops himself, so its a god thing omega killed himm >:) and damn bio int to hell >:(

Raynord September 26th, 2008 (#)

Oh yeah, Omega died. Kary said 2 out of 3 survived the mission. Omega dislikes sour food, lol, i hate sour food too… XV looks like Omega, right???? He is a fucking ditto.

Raynord September 26th, 2008 (#)

I meant XV that is a fucking ditto.. Is MC 9 out yet?

Raynord September 26th, 2008 (#)

I’m confused, maybe Omega DID not die.(I wasn’t angry when I write DID), but it’s confusing…..

Raynord September 27th, 2008 (#)

LOL. Why does Xero dislike Omega when he helped him? Xero was cool too. He is fast and nimble. Ok, Omega didn’t die, and that is final… Xero was attacked by the infected being, but didn’t die.

Raynord September 27th, 2008 (#)

Why had Askad had to kill himself? He could still live. XV is a stupid freak.

Tragos September 27th, 2008 (#)

I’ll simply say: it’s damn epic

King Chaos September 27th, 2008 (#)

and just to let everyone know, unless u guys already know this, they spy team isnt working for Bio Int if u look closely, they both are actaully fighting each other =o

Diegox September 27th, 2008 (#)

Raynord, dude, you areconfusing me more

Raynord September 28th, 2008 (#)

The spy team wants to capture XV but Omega killed XV and Xero stopped the Bio Int. So, are Spy team and Bio Int are enemies????

Tragos September 29th, 2008 (#)


Yes they’re a mercenary group sent probably be a different agency

Raynord September 30th, 2008 (#)

Where is Angelo? Haven’t see him for a while…

Aaron September 30th, 2008 (#)

You know its so confusing because everything is so fast.I dont even know who is who…Well except for the soilders.

rex October 1st, 2008 (#)

ooo circle circle circle

Yurivael October 4th, 2008 (#)

I think Kary said 2 out of 3 survived the mission because her mission was to kill Askad, Omega and Xero

christopher October 8th, 2008 (#)

yo this is fucken owesome

christopher October 8th, 2008 (#)

fuck this that was the best one yet ever

GIAN November 1st, 2008 (#)

Maaaaaan Kyra Said:2 of 3 OBJECTS OF THE MISSION SURVIVED,DIdNT HAVE ANYTHING CALLING WITH ASKAD XERO AND OMEGA.XV Have be killed by my 2nd fav. and Omega(mi 2nd fav.) have been saved by my 1th fav(XEROOOOOOOOO)


HANK ^_^ December 2nd, 2008 (#)


duthy December 28th, 2008 (#)

ITs was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my live before
nice guns and characters

emil987654321 February 11th, 2009 (#)

liket its cool

emil987654321 February 11th, 2009 (#)

omega was cool

Rayleonards Lynx March 28th, 2009 (#)

I really need to download this

XxReLoadxX April 1st, 2009 (#)

that was awsome hehe

madnessfan April 6th, 2009 (#)

that was awesome xv is a stupid freak and why died omega

Maddnesscombatfan April 25th, 2009 (#)

You ppl are confusing me!!!

yoface April 30th, 2010 (#)

it wont start! aaaaaaaggghhh!!!

lusiper123 August 25th, 2010 (#)

I think Xero hates Omega cuz……. “ZE” Bet is not on

lusiper123 August 25th, 2010 (#)

Yurivael, does zat mean my Friend 2nd Private(Now Corporal) Grant Charles Passay herds Kary’ll kill Askad, Omega and her….. GIRLFRIEND Xero?

lusiper123 August 25th, 2010 (#)

yoface, press ze engage> botton on ze bottom of ze screen…

lusiper123 August 25th, 2010 (#)

WAITWAITWAIT A MINUTE…. Kary’s Age was: 3??!!!!!!???
Corporal Passay: And as 4 Xero my freinds, 2 years old.
lusiper123:PASSAY!? hey Popolo(People), my friend 2nd Corporal’s Private Grant Charles Passay (Nickname(s): Baker One, Charles (aka Soap), Oxyde Two (aka Oxyde one) and Discipline One is 1 of the United Armada (or The U.A.) Russian Special Forces Shadow Company,
was the “Spetsnaz Shadow Company” or the “SPETSNAZI”.

TheSpetsnaz654 October 1st, 2010 (#)

Maddnesscombatfan, your to freaking serious to me, dont tell me that u send me 2 Passay 2 talk with Miss Angeley Hevens? – LuSiPeR123

TheSpetsnaz654 October 1st, 2010 (#)

GIAN, dont you say Kary-08 INSTEAD of Kyra? also im the guy who uses as LuSiPeR123, man Angely made Passay scared. – LuSiPeR

Ultra-Hank! October 22nd, 2010 (#)

In newgrounds I think theres the new one… thats why xero is like the new Sasuke

My lilbro like Xero.

And me Omega

abdelrahman dahi November 18th, 2011 (#)

ilike xero because he was faster than omega and i like omega also

Rayray June 9th, 2012 (#)

Xero can be my ninja anyday

Rayray June 9th, 2012 (#)

check out my deviantart page , but my my main character Rayne Shirozuka , is similar to kary-08 , but japanese, she’s a demonic vampire , and has immortal/eternal life (SHE CANNOT BE KILLED, POISONED, SHE CAN DECAPITATE HER LIMBS AND HEAD WITHOUT DYING)when she has a cut she can use her blood as a weapon, retractable caws and bat wings, her bust size is large(39H), fast, she’s a ninja , her alignment is always and will be good, she’s very good at any martial arts , her elements is dragonfire/darkness, dragonlike birthmarks, fire kanji symbol on her left hip.
Kary hates her , because Rayne wants to marry Xero soooooooooooooooooo badly.
there you have it, comment me , draw a picture of her for me…
thank you

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